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Here at Friendship Morgans we believe that the FOUNDATION breeding of the Morgan Horse is the cornerstone to what "the original Morgan Horse" was meant to be.  We are dedicated to furthering and preserving the foundation breeding and high percentage foundation bloodlines of the Morgan horse.  We have a small breeding operation in east, central Illinois of high percentage and foundation Morgans.  This year we have purchased a NEW stallion, Sequoia First Class Navy, aka "Classy"  all the way from Mountain Ranch, California in order to promote our foundation program!  See our handsome boys, Classy and Diamond, on the stallion page.  Updates will be forth coming as Classy matures, so visit often to see him grow up! He will be offered at stud next year to a very limited number of mares. 


It is our purpose to breed "quality" not quantity.  Our horses are bred for riding and a sound mind, which includes a horse with a temperament suitable for children to be around.  All horses are imprinted at birth and worked on ground manners as young horses.  They are taught respect of the handler.  We take our horses to southern Illinois at the age of 5 for their debut in trail riding.  A 3-4 day ride down there will teach our Morgans what hard work is and how to behave on the trails, as well as learn how to stand on a picket line.   This is also wonderful conditioning for our competitive trail horses.  We train our horses for other disciplines in the showring as well, such as dressage and western pleasure.  We consider our Morgans "Sporthorses".  Our bloodlines make them perfect as the all-purpose, VERSATILE horse that the Morgan Horse was originally supposed to be!

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stallions in our breeding program.  Merwin Blackout (deceased) on left was owned by Coffee Morgans, Sorento , IL.

Why a Morgan???

I sucessfully owned and rode my first Morgan, a mare named "Alaska Nellie" from 1971-1996.  She was a dream come true, because I moved to Alaska in 1971 and wanted a registered Morgan for my personal mount.  She never let me down. This mare could do it all-- I showed her, and won the Alaska State Championship in Registered Mares and Trail Horse in 1975.  But it wasn't just horse shows that she and I participated in.  I rode her all over the Alaskan trails,  including the Chugiak National Forest.  While visiting friends in Fairbanks, I even drove her along the Pipeline in a 2 wheel jog cart. She never misbehaved. She was trustworthy and a mount that gave me many hours of fun and pleasure.  She was the perfect horse for a young girl with no trainer. I'll never forget her and because of all the enjoyment I had riding her I have loved the foundation Morgan horse my whole life!


It's my desire to breed horses just like her.  I have recently obtained a flaxen chestnut stud colt  from California to cross with my Morgan mares.  He reminds me of my first Morgan and he even goes back to the sire of  Nellie, Willow Glen Rocket!  I love the Jubilee King bloodlines and Classy has many crosses in several generations to that great Brunk horse.  He will be a wonderful match for my Morgan mares.  I look forward to many more wonderful hours of riding Classy & his future get!!



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Above: Willow Glen Rocket & daughter Alaska Nellie

Below: Alaska Nellie winning Western Pleasure Class