Diamante Noir 

               (RML Blackburn x Coffee Dixie Delight


      (Forevermore x  Samara )                                (Merwin Blackout x JBS Dixie Darling)


"Diamond" was foaled here on our farm in April 2010.  He is a lovely black, 15.1 h stallion that we've are offering to the public at stud for the first time.  Diamond would have been perfect for a "movie career".  He's got a sense of humor... loves to pickup things in his mouth and carry them off.  He's very intelligent and loves to be worked with.  He really thinks he's a human!  Diamond has a lovely head, moves beautifully, conformationally correct and sweet natured like his sire and dam.


Diamond won the Jubilee Morgan Horse Futurity Weanling Colts Championship in Springfield, IL in  2010.  


Diamonds dam (above right) is a 16 h black mare, Dee Dee.  She won 2nd at the Jubilee in Yearling Fillies and 3rd in the Mare Championship in 2001.   His sire, "Black", (above left)  is a very well mannered, sweet stallion.  Above  on the slideshow he is shown being ridden by a 10 year old student of ours with very little riding experience. Diamond also has a full sister, Isabella and a half sister, Christina.  Both mares are beautiful girls!

Sire: (Forevermore x Samara)

Dam: ( Merwin Blackout x JBS Dixie Darling)

      Diamante Noir-
    Champion in 2010
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