Andemar BayAnnette

(Montebelle Endeavor x Coffee Dixie Delight)


Annie is a very tough  mare that will go ALL day. 

She has a "work ethic" & loves to go anywhere to

ride!  Very sweet, a "pocket" horse & loves attention.


She was weanling Champion Filly in 2004 at the

Illinois State Fair.  After that I was able to enjoy

her much more by riding the trails, so off we went!

Here she has just completed a long day of 26 miles

at Panther Creek with NO Shoes!

 Now she's a broodmare and has

matured at 16 hands like her dam.


A great mother & dam of Diamante Christine.


Annie has a "miracle Filly"!  Diamante Eirian


is foaled on May 13, 2016 & born 1 month


premature..given a 10% chance of survival &


She did!  She's now 3 wks old & thriving quite


well due to Morgan toughness & lots of TLC!


Diamante Eirian is by Classy (see his page).


She's a real tribute to the Morgan breed &


has inherited the great genetics of her parents.


Now owed by Amy of Illinois & WOW has she

grown & much loved by her owner! Working

under saddle with NO issues due to her early

birth!  ~July 2019.