June 20, 2015



I'm getting prettier everyday!


My stud fee will go up in

2017.  Book NOW for a

discount:  $500. Foundation

Morgan mares get a discount!!


Wait to book, fee goes up

to $600 in spring 2017.  


I am already the sire of a very

special filly, Diamante Eirian,

foaled 5-13-2016! See her



My Bloodlines are the BEST

of Sellman's original stock &

many other "Western Working" 

horses from CALIFORNIA!



Diamante Eirian (Sequoia First Class Navy x Andemar Bayannette)


shown 2-3 wks old.

Eirian shown at almost 6 wks.  She has really

changed- very strong, runs all over & whinnies at

us when approaching! Just alot of FUN to 

be around her!